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We will like to welcome everyone to the website by stating upfront our commitment to the unit of what our ministry must produce. Every industry has a unit of what it produces.

What is the unit that we want to produce? 

We want to produce men and women who are hungry and thirsty for God. We want to produce individuals whose desire for God intensifies with time and who as a result of their hunger for God, seek God in a disciplined manner. Such will learn to find God through encounters with God and as a result of frequent encounters with God will Know God from their personal experiences. And because of their knowledge of God, they will love Him in an intelligent and continuous manner. They will thus serve God as the overflow of their knowledge and love for Him and while serving God, will enjoy Him in a personal romance so that it becomes their singular soul bliss. That is the unit of our ministry. We produce worshippers who enjoy Jesus as their soul bliss through the process of a developed personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Welcome to the Zach Fomum Ministry!

Your beloved brother, Theodore ANDOSEH

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Feb. 18 2017
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