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April 2017

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The Dignity of Manual labour

My beloved father and mother introduced me to hard work at the very beginning of my life. l learnt to wake up at 3.00 a.m. in order to heat up the water for my father to take a bath, since he regul... read more..

Edifying Articles

Quotable Quotes (ZT Fomum)

God had a goal in creation and redemption. He is working at that goal. What about you? Be an imitator of God!   The Lord Jesus had a clear goal. He worked at it and accomplished it. D read more..

Edifying Articles

Prayer Quotes by Prof. Fomum

Unless the prayer life of an individual is revived and kept vigorous, all that may be happening in his spiritual life may be just activities of the soul life, which are bound to be short-lived before ... read more..

Edifying Articles

A Prayer Partner

Although the Lord Jesus often withdrew to be alone with God in prayer, we notice that He also often desired the close companionship of those who were closest to Him. The Bible says,  “No... read more..

Edifying Articles

Costly Praise

Example of difficult circumstances under which costly praise must flow forth to our sovereign Lord and God:   When you fail an examination, the failure might have been permitted by the Lo... read more..

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