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April 2018

Edifying Articles

Peddlers of God’s Word (Zacharias T. Fomum)

Who is a peddler of God’s Word? He is one who thinks that by natural advantages, talents, etc, and by spiritual advantages, knowledge of the Bible, spiritual gifts, experience in dealing with men, etc... read more..

Edifying Articles

The Joy of Begging to Belong to The Lord Jesus: A Testimony

There are four reasons why I have written this book. Firstly, soon after the Holy Spirit came upon me in power on 24th October 1970, the Lord showed me a vision of the lost in hell. Later on, He... read more..

Edifying Articles

The Inescapable Separation (Zacharias T. Fomum)

Every action carried out outside the will of God will ultimately cause pain; for all sin will turn into lashes and lash those involved. Every action carried out outside the will of God will ultimat... read more..

Edifying Articles

The Challenge of An Atheist (Zacharias T. Fomum)

“If I firmly believed, as millions say they do, that the knowledge and practice of religion in this life influences destiny in another, then religion would mean to me everything. I would cast away ... read more..

Edifying Articles

A Blameless Ministry (Zacharias T. Fomum)

A minister of the New Covenant is a spectacle to the world. He is like a city that is set on a hill. He cannot be hidden. The world is watching   “We put no obstacle in any one’s way, ... read more..

Edifying Articles

The Breaking Of Fasts: A General Warning (Zacharias T. Fomum)

It is easier to start a fast than to stop it. Read the following testimony and learn a lesson from it. Brother Elijah Enyeji wrote: “I bless the Lord my God that I am alive to testify and in this w... read more..

Edifying Articles

Daily Praying For a Wife (Zacharias T. Fomum)

Thank the Lord for her in a general way. Thank the Lord for  His goodness to her yesterday: protection, needs met, and so on. the things that He enabled her to do yesterday. Pray that read more..

Edifying Articles

Praying For The Sunday Worship Service (Zacharias T. Fomum)

The local church is born in prayer. Any local assembly that has no vital prayer life has forfeited the reason for its existence and will soon become part of the bride of the anti-Christ, which is... read more..

Edifying Articles

The House of Prayer (Zacharias T. Fomum)

“The House of PRAYER” is a forthcoming book. The inward house of prayer is the believer’s spirit where the Holy Spirit comes into contact with the spirit. Then there is the outward place of prayer.... read more..

Edifying Articles

Costly Praise And Thanksgiving (Zacharias T. Fomum)

Example of difficult circumstances under which costly praise must flow forth to our sovereign Lord and God When you fail an examination, the failure might have been permitted by the Lord so that ... read more..

Revival Tracts

The Practice of Truth in Financial Matters (Zacharias T. Fomum)

Those who speak the truth in financial matters are very few. The worship of the goddess “money” is very pre-dominant. Read the following carefully: Do you fear to have proper records as to how mu... read more..

Edifying Articles

The Secret of Happiness in Marriage (Zacharias T. Fomum)

What is the secret of happiness in marriage? It is to be rapturously caught up with Jesus in a love affair, so that no other love means much, so that no other love has power to make you gain anythi... read more..

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