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September 2018

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Preparing For a Fast: Practical Aspects (Zacharias T. Fomum)

It is possible to start a short fast without much practical preparation. However, a long fast needs practical preparation. It has been suggested that a fast of seven days needs seven days of prepar... read more..

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What Is The World University of Prayer? (Zacharias T. Fomum)

To produce people who are strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus, to select faithful people and to entrust to them the deposit of prayer; so that they will be able to teach others, and to give to... read more..

Edifying Articles

Restitution - 3 (Zacharias T. Fomum)

I was a regional manager in a town of our nation, Garoua. In this capacity I was in charge of the funds in our service. I was a child of God and the Lord had sustained me all along, such that I had a ... read more..

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