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April 2020

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Stuck at Home? Take a Prayer Retreat of 30 Minutes

What is a Spiritual Retreat? A spiritual retreat is a time when one withdraws from people and from all else, in order to be lost in God, listen to Him, hear Him, make a plan to obey Him and do someth... read more..

Gospel Tracts

Easter: He is Risen!!

Easter is here and many use this time to exchange Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and taking time to rest and relax. In actual fact, Easter is a reminder of the death and resurrection of Jesus Chris... read more..

Edifying Articles

Stuck at Home? Build Spiritual Roots!

This stay at home season is a period for children of God to grow, develop and deepen their roots on the Solid Rock who is the Lord Jesus Christ. What are roots in the life of a believer? How can ... read more..

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