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The superiority of the Lord Jesus over angels and arch-angels is clearly proclaimed in the Word. The Bible says,

  1. Thank the Lord for her in a general way.
  2. Thank the Lord for 
    • His goodness to her yesterday: protection, needs met, and so on.
    • the things that He enabled her to do yesterday.
  3. Pray that

Lot had chosen the way of Sodom because of the desire for cattle and worldly success. He might have doubled, tripled or quadrupled his possessions in Sodom.

Selfish ambitions have no place in the life of any would-be disciple. In the world, people live for self.

When ascending to heaven, Jesus Christ gave one major commission to His disciples, and therefore to all committed Christians of all generations. And it was: “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me.

I am troubled by the difference in the number of people who attend church on Sunday morning and the number that attend the church prayer meeting. In one country,

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