School of Knowing & Serving God (SKSG)



The military academy of CMFI

Our Background

in 1975, a Christian movement was born in Cameroon headed by a young doctor (Ph.D.) of about 30 years old named Zacharias Tanee FOMUM. He was radically committed to the Lord Jesus Christ and to His cause. This young man later became professor in the field of Organic Chemistry in the University of Yaounde I


House Churches



Our Mission

Infuse new blood, that is, youths and students, to ensure that the goal of preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, to 10 billion people in our generation, by using all possible means of communication be attained; and that 1 billion people are made disciples and organized to meet in 25 million house churches in 250 nations on the 6 continents by 2065 AD




  • The massive, radical and total conversion of youth and student to Jesus Christ
  • The training of these disciples to become co-workers of the Lord Jesus Christ in the vision God gave us through Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum
  • Set up a movement of the Judah of CMFI amongst the youths and students to accomplish our goal of phase 3, which is, 1 million house churches of 50 to 100 members each, being led by one million disciple makers who obey the Bertoua message in 150 nations
  • Train an entire generation of co-workers as seed of our vision and new blood for oue work
  • Raise 1000 radically committed and consecrated leaders for our immediate take off
  • Raise 10 000 co-workers for the vacancies in our ministry
  • Penetrate 1 000 universities in 100 nations in our work in the universities during phase 3
  • Raise 9 categories of missionaries in our movement for world conquest

The glory of young men

Infuse new blood, that is, youths and students, to ensure that our goal is accomplished.