School of Knowing and Serving God

The School of Knowing and Serving God is a training department of Christian Missionary Fellowship International for coworkers, and particularly for national and international missionaries.

The goal of the school is to produce one million competent ministers of the new covenant filled with the Holy Spirit following Brother Zach’s model, in their being, in their doing, in their having and in their success and who will learn to know God and go to the nations to serve God through the proclamation of the Gospel, winning of souls and planting of Churches so as to be able to contribute to the winning of one billion disciples who will render to Jesus Christ total obedience in all things by 2065.

So far, there have been:

  • 21 resident sessions in Yaoundé
  • 02 itinerant sessions in Maroua (North of Cameroon)
  • 03 itinerant sessions in Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

The School of Knowing and Serving God’s courses are both resident and itinerant. Students from over 10 nations have been trained and sent to over 35 nations in the past sessions of the School.

The first session of the SKSG in 2011 took place in Bertoua east of Cameroon, with 237 students coming from 75 localities in Cameroon and 9 other nations. The 2012 session of the school started on the 1st of May with over 20 students.

The structure of the school

The SKSG is made up of two faculties:

  1. The Faculty of the Knowledge of God with courses on:
    • Hunger for God
    • Seeking God
    • Finding God
    • Obeying God
    • Knowing God
    • Loving God
    • Serving God as an overflow of love for Him
    • Worshipping God
    • Finding One’s Delight in God
    • Becoming Someone in Whom God Delights

 2. The Faculty of Serving the Lord with courses on:

  • Soul-Winning
  • The Making of Disciples
  • Church-Planting
  • Church Management
  • The Edification of the Church
  • The Ministry of the Church
  • Bearing witness to foreign cultures
  • Rural Ministry
  • Urban Ministry (towns, cities, metropolis, etc)
  • Ministry to Catholics and Orthodox
  • Reaching the Protestants
  • Reaching the Pentecostals
  • Reaching the Occultists
  • Reaching the Muslims
  • Reaching the Hindus
  • Reaching the Buddhists
  • Reaching the Religious
  • Reaching the Materialists
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